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Heartwork by Cecilia

If you love highly textured abstract art on gallery-wrap canvas that needs no frame, you're in the right place. If you want original digital art prints ready for framing ... yes, you're still in the right place. (International customers: I will ship outside the USA for an additional fee. For details, please use the "Contact" link on the right.) If you're an artist who's into Steampunk, the vintage look, altered arts, scrapbooking, art journaling or the making of greeting cards or ATCs, you'll be delighted with the unique images in my original digital clipart -- available for download at DigiScrapStation via this link... http://tinyurl.com/25cn7wf ... or, if you first want to check out a number of these digital clipart images, to see a fraction of what's contained in the DigiScrapStation downloads, you can scroll down through my blog... http://heartworkbycecilia.blogspot.com